“I’m a Raptor. Shake It Off.”

So just to be transparent.  I’m a bandwagon Raptors fan.  I’ve been to basketball camp (as a 9th grader 35 years ago, not that I’m any good) so I know some of the rules and I’m a decent athlete who can pretty much amateurishly pick up a sport and be average. So about them Raptors.  This ‘We the North’ mania is fun, but there is really a lot more to it that I’m really enjoying getting to know. This team did not get to the NBA finals randomly or just because they sort of got a lucky break due to … Continue reading “I’m a Raptor. Shake It Off.”

I Like Being Older!

Today, I played softball. Yes, as part of my healthy joyous journey, I joined a softball team in a Toronto Sport Social Club League. It was a bit random. Someone did a call out. I joined. It has been incredibly fun. The team is really good! And our uniforms look fabulous. 😆 Training from my High School Varsity team is still in my brain, not always in my ab muscles, arms or thighs, but I definitely remember how to play. And I’m pretty good, if I do say so myself, especially for an almost half century old lady. I don’t … Continue reading I Like Being Older!

Parenting Lesson from the Toronto Raptors!

I’m not an avid sports fan. So if you told me that one of the biggest lessons I want to pass on to my sons was from the Toronto Raptors on their way to the NBA Finals, I would’ve laughed in your face.  But I now a full on Bandwagon Raptors fan!  The story of the Raptors path to the finals feels impossible but inspiring. As a parent, I’m now using their story to help my boys get the idea of being ‘down’ but keeping your head in the game, strategically and tactically, purposely and patiently, individually and as a team, … Continue reading Parenting Lesson from the Toronto Raptors!

That Person Is ‘Just’ Lucky!

Imagine that you are on a train, the Train of Life, and there are various seats, different cars, and many people. Imagine that luck is flying all over the place in the air outside… Do you want to be the person who: Sits in the aisle seat with your arms crossed in front of you wondering why other people have luck fly into their lap, thinking that guy is just so lucky? Finds a window with a seat and opens in the window? Reaches outside the open window using a net with a long handle to grab at luck? Stands … Continue reading That Person Is ‘Just’ Lucky!

Marking a Milestone I Didn’t Know Existed!

Yesterday I had the distinct honour of sitting down with a young lady who was brave enough to walk into our office to tell us that it was time for her to pause her studies and take care of herself, that it was time to nurse her body, mind, and soul. She was tearful because she thought she was declaring defeat and succumbing to failure. I’m writing this partially to celebrate her bravery. She’s making a very difficult decision that comes with so much guilt and shame… she’s finally managing to overcome those terrible nasty voices in her head that … Continue reading Marking a Milestone I Didn’t Know Existed!

Maybe He’s a Spoon…

Growing up, I really valued being smart. My parents are smart, my sisters are smart, my friends are smart, and I was expected to be smart. Looking back and breaking it down, I’m trying to figure out, well, what exactly does it mean to be smart, really? To my parents I think it meant good judgment, good work and making good decisions… doing the right things. As kids, that translated to getting top grades to get into a good university and then a stable and financially lucrative career. My high school friends were all clever, funny, successful and creative. They … Continue reading Maybe He’s a Spoon…

Coaching a Younger Me

Today I had the opportunity to speak with a friend who is me from 15 years ago. I shared thoughts with her that I wish someone shared with me 15 years ago. Different work decisions could have been made, professional situations could have been handled better, and career lessons could have been learned more quickly. I wish someone showed me a different perspective. I wish someone had dissected situations or conversations with me. I wish someone had pointed out that while I was generally a logical and rational person, I potentially could be misreading cues. I wish I had someone … Continue reading Coaching a Younger Me