Two Steps Forward…

Today I received a nasty email from a self proclaimed b****. I’ve often heard her proudly describe how she nastily put down some idiot who obviously was not competent. ‘I know, I’m such a b****’ she would scoff with a condescending grin. When I would stand up for those she put down, she would only roll her eyes, re-emphasizing how useless other people were. The last time she sent something like this, I wrote her a short note (taking off all the people she had CC’d) and apologized for perhaps asking the question in a way that made her misconstrue … Continue reading Two Steps Forward…

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

How’s this for the ultimate lettings of go? Instead of stressing out when the boys got crazy coughs, we made the difficult decision not to spend Thanksgiving weekend with grandma. While we did not wish to leave her alone on this important family holiday weekend, we really did not want to pass on crazy coughs that could knock her off her feet. So a month later, she brings the turkey to us and we have our Thanksgiving weekend here, in Toronto, during Halloween week… 🧙‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧝‍♀️ So there. Take that 2018 Flu! Just cuz you kept making us take turns getting … Continue reading Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Aargh, Homework!

Somehow whenever I ask them if they have homework and it’s still light out, the answer is ‘no mommy’ and yet somehow 2 minutes before bed, someone panics about homework that is due tomorrow. I don’t get it! I have to balance between ensuring that I firmly show my disapproval with ensuring my patience in actually working with them to get it done. Then I have to balance between letting then try and fail versus eagerly telling them how to do it. Finally I have to balance the encouragement of them actually doing good work with the fact I’m as … Continue reading Aargh, Homework!

Raging at Kids is a Signal of Need for Self Care!

For the first few years of my kids’ lives, I thought that yelling at them was my way of disciplining and teaching them. But over time, I came to notice that 1) I wasn’t consistent in what I yelled at, 2) I had some specific triggers, and 3) while some things might have made a little sense to yell about, other issues were way too small to be mad at. Lastly, the fear and pain in their eyes were wrong. I hurt and scared them! As their mother, the one person who loves them most in the entire world, the … Continue reading Raging at Kids is a Signal of Need for Self Care!

Lazy, Not-a-Crafty, Procrastinating Mom

You know where I’m going with this, right? I’m not that mom who spent a month planning and creating the perfect homemade costume, who is decking out the porch in Halloween decorations, who spent the weekend carving Jack o’Lanterns with my kids and their cousins… Nope. I had to all day work Sunday. I was shuttling kids to their extra curricular programs on Saturday. And most days I have barely enough time to get home, sit down for dinner, check homework, yell (firmly… uh… point… out…?) about why homework didn’t get done, teach them to check their agenda for homework, … Continue reading Lazy, Not-a-Crafty, Procrastinating Mom

We Saved Humanity! And So Can Your Family!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, families spent time together after dinner listening to the radio, going for a walk, reading, watching variety shows (Lawrence Welk anyone?), playing board games… Something. Together. As a family. Now… it seems as though there are more personal electronic devises than there are people in the house and everyone is on at least two of them at a time. Everyone has specific apps they default to and everyone has interest in very different types of things. The world has evolved into personalizing our experiences so much, that it’s getting difficult to … Continue reading We Saved Humanity! And So Can Your Family!

Amazing Rumeet Billan

I cannot stop smiling after hearing the presentation by keynote speaker Dr. Rumeet Billan at the OAAP conference we hosted at our campus. She is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She brought evidence-based research, age old wisdom, smart observations, and inspiring concepts to a rapt audience, eagerly listening to every word she spoke. What I liked most about her was this powerful drive she possessed, wrapped up within a kind and thoughtful humility that welcomes you into her messages, gently encouraging you to challenge yourself to do better. Because you can, you know, because you want … Continue reading Amazing Rumeet Billan