Visualization Inspiration Preparation Motivation Perspiration

So maybe we are not all geniuses, but we all have the ability to accomplish something as small as a task and something as big as a goal. But… do you have something in your life that just feels like is not doable? Do you feel like you keep failing at that something and somehow other people can do it? Do you feel like you keep sliding backwards? It could be achieving a healthy weight, it could be getting that promotion, it could even be about trying to be happy.

Just because we say we want something, doesn’t make it magically happen. Even if we work hard at something doesn’t mean we are entitled to it. Even if we did everything right, doesn’t mean we will be lucky enough to have it exactly the way we want it.

So what has to happen for things to fall in place for something we want? How do we make it happen?

1. Visualization – We have to know what it is we want and then we have to be able to articulate it. Then we know what problem we are trying to solve when we think in the shower or talk about it to a friend.

2. Inspiration – Every fire starts with a spark. Every great achievement has a creative ah ha, ‘it-comes-together’ eureka moment. Give the brain lots of space to idly poke at crazy, impossible, silly ideas.

3. Preparation – There has to be some kind of plan in place, ranging from a detailed breakdown of everything including milestones and timelines… to at the very least the right baby step habits. We also have to plan for the pitfalls and problems so they don’t end up discouraging us enough to quit.

4. Motivation – We have to want it badly enough to get through the ups and downs. So we need to know our why. We need to feel good about making the right choices, prioritizing, saying no. We need to protect our time, energy and headspace to focus. Then we need to see, measure and celebrate the successes! We need to remember enough to get us through the slumps.

5. Perspiration – Just do it until you get there. Failure is not an option, it’s just an opportunity to learn, adjust and reapply. Hard work doesn’t feel so hard when you can see where you are going, are creatively thinking about how to get there, have processes and tools in place to move you closer, and know you will get there.

Really, the biggest barrier to our success is ourselves. No one can bring us down until we bring ourselves down. No one has the power to tell us what to do or how to think unless we give them that power.

By the way, that cliché: people help those who help themselves? It’s true. Quite simply, no one wants to give help (or advice or support) to someone who won’t take advantage of it to use it wisely. No one wants to give valuable time and energy to a black hole that sucks in good energy and turns it into nothing.

Don’t be a black hole. We all have our black hole days, of course we do, but maybe make your first goal: transform yourself from a black hole to a brand new star! And if the first attempt doesn’t work, try again, and if that doesn’t work, try a different way, until you figure it out.

You can do it. We can do it together.


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