Reverse Psychology: Flipping ‘Find the Negative’ Game

silver lining

I’m not sure how we started, but during our after dinner walks, A2 started a little game where he makes anything I throw at him into a negative thing.  Like…

Me: Chocolate ice cream.  You can’t find anything negative about chocolate ice cream.

Him: It has a lot of sugar and sugar is really unhealthy for you.

Me: Going to the water park.  You LOVE going to the water park.

Him: It’s dangerous, you might hurt yourself, you have to spend a lot of money…

Me: But… but…

Him: I’m really good at this, I can find the negative in anything!

After about 5 nights of this… it finally occurred to me that 1) I did not much like this game and 2) I could do something about it!  So I looked him in the eye and challenged him.  I said: “So I know you’re good at this and you definitely can flip anything I say into something negative.  But I bet you can’t do it the other way around…” He took the bait!  “Yes, of course I can! It’s easy!”

Me: I just bought hot chocolate, and I spilled it all on the floor.

Him: Well, hot chocolate has a lot of sugar in it, so instead of having all that sugar, you don’t, which is much healthier for you.

Me: But… I just spent all that money on it and it’s totally wasted.  Ha, gotcha.  I bet you can’t find anything positive from that!

Him: Where did you buy it?

Me: Um, Starbucks.

Him: Okay, well, they will replace it for you.

Me: Ooh, you’re good. I think they would, too.  Okay, I just bought a new car and then I accidentally drove it into the lake.

Him: Well, at least you are safe. Maybe your car didn’t make it, but you did. Plus, you have insurance.

Me: Wha..? I thought you were good at being negative, but I think you are even better at being positive!

Him: Yeah, Mommy.  I can be very good at being positive when I want to be.

He was able to turn every single thing I said into something positive.  And he used a lot of words or phrases that I had been using when I was playing his original game… I love it when people throw my words back at me!

What a positive evening!


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