Amazing Rumeet Billan

I cannot stop smiling after hearing the presentation by keynote speaker Dr. Rumeet Billan at the OAAP conference we hosted at our campus. She is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She brought evidence-based research, age old wisdom, smart observations, and inspiring concepts to a rapt audience, eagerly listening to every word she spoke.

What I liked most about her was this powerful drive she possessed, wrapped up within a kind and thoughtful humility that welcomes you into her messages, gently encouraging you to challenge yourself to do better. Because you can, you know, because you want to, now that she’s helped you see. She at once conveys both urgency and calmness, as she introduces the idea of Psychological Capital. When she shares how we can be more resilient to be able to bounce back from the challenges life throws us, you want to nod your head and shout, yes I can!

She has accomplished so much, you want to be dreadfully jealous of her, but can’t, because you just want to help in whatever initiative she’s working on, because, well, because everything single thing she is involved with is so meaningful and impactful on this world, on the youth, on our future.

A beautiful person inside and out, Rumeet makes the world a better place. She’s a real life hero! How lucky am I to get to meet people like Rumeet?

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