Phase 1 was living my life (30s) thinking that I had it all figured out.  I had a great career and an amazing family.  However, there were chinks in the armour and stress causing major problems.  Head in sand!

Phase 2 was living my life (40s) thinking that nothing I did was right, second guessing every decision I ever made, and worrying that I could never feel healthy or joyous again. Pain and suffering at all levels! (www.kungfumum.wordpress.com)

Phase 3 is now articulating what I want out of life and getting there in a multidimensional and personalized way.  It is setting the stage to live the rest of my life being healthy and joyous.  Peace and love to you all!

If you have advice or thoughts, I’m all ears.  If this in any way helps you in your journey, hooray!